In Week 6, I went with a reflection piece.  I looked back at a lot of things including changes I have been making and things that I plan to change in the near future.  A few key points were school, my photography business, the job that pays the bills, my health, my fitness level, my family, and well….

Pretty much everything under the sun.

I cannot overlook the fact that the boyfriend and I made changes four weeks ago to out fitness routine – we actually implemented a strict one!

(We officially completed the first 4 weeks tonight and will be charging forward to the next five weeks starting Monday)

For Week 7, I decided to stay in my work-out clothes, no make-up, and hit the button on the remote, then see what I got from the camera.  I was happy to see that my inner strength is starting to physically manifest as part of my form.  It allows me to see the beauty within shine to the exterior and that makes me empowered by myself!

Week 7, I explore #StrengthAndDetermination.

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