Reaching Out For Help Is Hard To Do Unless The Need Is Dire

During the last installment, I went with a strength piece. I looked all my goals and accomplishments and what parts of myself I tap into in order to reach those things.

For Week 8, I decided to look at a weaker side of myself. The side that has difficulty asking for help. I am a pretty self-sustaining human being and I like to think all the years as a single mom has taught me to rely on my own fortitude to get by, but what happens when help is needed?

When you are sinking fast and you have to reach out and scream for help?

You have to swallow your pride and reach out to someone for help. This is something that will probably always be a weakness for me. I like to think that I work on getting better at it from time to time, though!

This installment, I explore #askingforhelp .

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