The Canvas Of My Life

Last installment, I explored what I was willing to fight for in life.

For this installment (Week 10), I decided to look at my temple. My body is my canvas and on it, you can see the chapters of my life.

During the 3rd sitting for my most recent piece, I had the opportunity to record parts of the session to share and reflect on.

People often wonder why you would permanently mark your temple (like graffiti on a building) with images. I look at it as lessons never forgotten or moments of life carried on, in an artistic fashion, as a way to beautify my being. Think of it like the Sistine Chapel…

Sure there is pain involved, but the point of chronicling the stories of my life in ink is so I always remember and never forget what I am today (and how I got here).

This installment, I explore #mycanvasoflife .

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