52-Week Self Portrait Project | 52/14

Last week, I explored being on the road.  Using the travel time to contemplate, reflect, and recharge.

For Week 14, I decided to focus on something else completely.  My thoughts today (this evening) centered on performing.  When I am at work, I have to perform in certain aspects, and when I am marketing myself in my photography, I am also selling a look, a feel, an attitude.

I thought of conversations I have had with fellow photogs and other people in the arts arena, and it is always about promoting, gaining exposure, and “entertaining” your fans.  Fans can be fickle and one day you may have them (or thousands of them), and the next day, you may be alone with your camera.

While on vacation and not able to post all of my processed work, there showed a slight drop in circles – can one not take a break without having people drop you?  While this isn’t a major concern, it still makes you feel like it can be a job to provide quality work.

For some, I may be a source of entertainment, but rest assured, I do this for the people who appreciate the work that goes into what I do – those that appreciate creativity, my style, and my snark. 😉

I hope, to my friends and followers, that I am an inspiration and not just a source of amusement (though, at times I hope I am amusing)!  You all inspire me to no only learn more, but try to push my own envelop and become stronger and more innovative each day.

This week, I explore #puttingonashow .

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