52-Week Self Portrait Project | 52/15

Alternate Persona

Last week, I explored performing and putting on a show.  I reflected on the feelings I have about self promotion, followers, and friends.

For Week 15, which is the week of Hallowe’en, I decided to look at alternate persona.  While the holiday and curating the #halloweentown  theme has given me an extra excuse to try new things in front of my camera and inside Photoshop, I also realized that when I step in front of my camera, different persona seem to leak out.

For instance, covering myself in living nightmare blood, latex gel, gobs of stage make-up and other goop let me unleash my inner ghoul.  I thought of every piece of footage in every zombie movie I have ever watched (cheesy or not) and let that come out when I shot the session.

While creating other self portraits I have tapped into anger, disgust, sadness, joy, and even bliss.

Getting to take on fictional persona are quite liberating, I think.  Steampunk zombie, sugar skull dead girl, and even a post apocalyptic goddess have all let me have fun in front of my lens, and really, isn’t that what it is all about?

Don’t get me wrong, I am more comfortable behind it, looking through the viewfinder, but if I am going to challenge myself to get in front of the darn thing, it better be a freeing and fun experience!

This week, I explore #alternatepersona.

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