366 Project – Day 312

52-Week Self Portrait Project | 52/16

Strong In Mind, Strong In Body, Strong In Spirit

Last week, I explored my alternate persona in a little extra Hallowe’en fun.  It was about putting on my emotions when I stepped infront of my camera

For Week 16, I decided to dress it down and embody what I am when I am me.  I am strong, I have overcome experiences and hardships and I have seen brighter days.

I am living my life by my rules these days and while there is sometimes compromise, I am on my own terms with myself and the world.

People have asked me before or commented on how I put myself out there for all the world to see, and to be honest, it isn’t always easy, but I am “right” with myself, my choices and my actions, and I will no longer let anyone try to tell me that what I do is “wrong”.

The thoughts of others will not mold me into something ugly.  I will be me, I will be free, I will see the beauty…

It is within me.

This week, I explore #iamstrongiambeautiful.

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