Mr. Boomer went to the vet today because of an ear infection brought on by his allergies (poor guy).  After getting a shot, antibiotics, and some ear drops, we went home, took a rest, and recently came in from some awesome backyard tennis ball play time!

It is so good to see him get back into happy puppy mode rather than not feeling well. =)


2 thoughts on “Loves Life And Loves His Tennis Ball

  1. Me and my Dharma (Himmie babies) are just going through the same thing! (ear drops and clavamax) and tell me about it! I am sooo pleased to see her on the mend. >^^< Super glad for Mr. Boomer and you, too! (woof)

    1. I hate having to do all the stuff to him, but he is so much happier now that he is on the mend, so I guess I will just push through having to get the drops in his ears so he stays this way! Happy to hear that your babies are doing well too!

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