Last week, I explored being thankful for everything – even the tiniest of things.

For Week 19, I decided to consider what I went through with trying to get just the right shot, and what it caused me to reflect on once the life lesson was learned.  This week was crazy between the #IFWE2012  conference, working outside of the office, and trying to holiday decorate, Christmas shop, and try to cram all my art projects and impending finals for the end of term all together.

I learned in the life lesson that i cannot force shots or creativity when it comes to self portraiture.  I have to “feel” the mood or else it is just a time waster.  I went through 2 failed sessions because I just wasn’t “in it”, and finally, when I “felt it”, I ended up with some really good shots I was happy with.

In honor of “getting my groove back”, I picked my second favorite shot from the “Bond” inspired #SSP to share with you for my 52 Project this week.

So…This week, I explore the #rightframeofmind and #feelingyourgroove.


#shotwithmusic  = Alicia Keys & Jack White – Another Way To Die [Official Video]

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