Sometimes there is an insane amount of fun that can be had when working with make-up.  On the day to day, I am always donning a “naked” face, but when working with portraits (especially when I am experimenting with a certain look or feel), I like to use my favorite facial prop, make-up.

You can literally change the way your face appears to be shaped or even change the way your features are enhanced.

In this particular shot, I have a mixture of blue and gold shadows with cake liner in ebony  to enhance my eyes and at the same time to add some juxtaposition to the red and black striped fingerless glove at the bottom.  Then, to help tie it in, I added a slight hint of red glitter liner to the top lids.

To give it the tough girl with attitude vibe, I drew the rectangle and glammed it up with a silver eye crayon.

This was just one of the many fun shots I had during a Tank Girl selfy from a few weeks ago!


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