Destination Unknown

Week 1 has come and is about to go, and I am ready to venture into this vast unknown with +Robin Griggs Wood and the rest of the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers attendees this time around.

This week was all about getting over some hurdles and making the best go of this that I can.  With the lesson, I made sure not to just go through the motions of taking pictures, but I tried to exact a plan for almost all of them.

I was a bit under the weather this week, was completing finals, busting all sorts of work butt, and taking care of my responsibilities as a curator and project participant in a few different arenas, but that was not going to stand in the way of doing the mentorship program in my normal overachiever behavior!

A few points for Week 1; 1) I have met new people and I always love that!  2)  I have seen many different perspectives on how each of us interprets an assignment and it is such an over charge to the creative muscles. 3) The support and encouragement shared by the group is just about the best part.

I see this as a huge help to the way I will approach different areas of my art as I continue to grow over the program time frame, and through the lifelong lessons I hope to continue with on my artistic journey!

(NOTE: This is a pre-mentorship image)


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