One of my favorite songs from my childhood, Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes, ran through my head while I was shooting and processing these shots.

She had such a unique voice and it was one that just got stuck in my head.


On an aside to this posting, I also wrote up a quick little entry about the  Wild Arts of False Lashes:

Some of you may better know me from some of my selfies that have out of this world crazy lashes.

Now, here are some secrets to getting them to stick:

1) Get a decent adhesive. You will spend a ridiculous amount of time messing with them to begin with, but if you have cheap glue, you may spend more time.
2) Make sure to let the glue get tacky before you try to apply.  Otherwise, you will just get glue all over you.
3) You can buy an applicator, but even those have their own set of issues.  I stick to applying myself manually.
4) Corners are the toughest areas to affix, make sure those are on firmly and the rest will fall into place.
5) If you are like me, you will curl your existing lashes and apply mascara before adhering the falsies.
6) make sure the false lashes follow your own natural arch as close to the lashes without sticking them directly to them.

That was just a quick and dirty list of tips and tricks for using false lashes!

Go out and give it a try!

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