DIY Bokeh | Holidays or Whenever

Okay, so I showed off the bokeh hearts yesterday, but while I was driving home from work, I had another ingenious plan for any/everyday bokeh.  That is what I photographed for this tut.

Materials needed:

1. Scissors
2. Exacto or razor knife
3. dark paper or (what I used – an old black gift bag)
4. lens (I went with my 50mm)
5. Lens Filter (mine was a UV)
6. Pencil (for tracing)

To start, you need to draw a circle.  A few of the DIY pages I read said to trace your lens, but I found that I could trace the lens cap and then shave off a few mm to get it to fit.  I drew on the light side of the gift bag as the darker side you will want to face inward towards your camera.  Once you trace your circle to the paper, draw your shapes in the center.  Make sure not to make the shape too small or too big.  For best results, start smaller and get bigger.  Next cut each piece out.  I found scissors worked well for cutting out the circles, but the exacto or razor knife were much better for the shapes.

Once they are cut out, fit and trim until it fits in your lens area.  gently place the filter over to hold it in place.

Now you have a shaped filter to make bokeh shapes….

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