Plus! Post | Week 3

It Is In Awareness & Confidence, Not In Technique

I believe this week has been the most valuable thus far in +Robin Griggs Wood‘s +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers.  I was able to take away from this week’s lesson that it isn’t the skill of my craft that I need to be aware of, but the confidence and awareness of what I can and will create that will make me a better artist in the future.

To look objectively at my work, assess with the tools I have learned and some of the ones Robin is helping me remember (after losing sight of them after many years), and not just judge my work harshly because of what people have said about it in the past.

Being cognizant of what my mind already processes when I look through the view finder is the best gift Robin and the #GMAPP3  group could give me during the holiday season!

Thank you my dears and all the groups that are in there with me!  Big love and many hugs!

Happy holidays! ♥


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