Rag & Bone

We wanna get it, granny, while it’s hot
You think it’s trash, granny, but it’s not
We’ll be taking whatever you got
A give up, a give up, a give up, come on and give it to me
All of your pretty, your pretty little rags and bones

~White Stripes~

The White Stripes – Rag & Bone

First of all – holy crap – I have 3 days left on this project!  Okay, okay, okay…On to the post…

Over the last few days, I have been venturing out and looking through nature’s discard pile and bringing it home to incorporate into pictures.  Today, the munchkin and I found roses, leaves, and a couple old shells from a recent trip to the beach still sitting in the garage.

We will take those rag and bone and give it a home – in the shots and in some interesting home decor!


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