This morning, +Sharon Jeannette reminded me that I needed to share with my circles and friends this image I submitted as one of my favorite photographs from 2012 to +Ivan Makarov‘s #plusonecollection2012 .

This shot, of baby D’s foot, represented a lot of things for me, one of which was shooting outside my circle of family, street randomness, or myself.  It was also D’s first trip to the beach.

This image reminds me that we all start out in humble beginning, experience life at one instance at a time, and we learn and grow as the years pass on.  This was quite representative of my year in photography as well, and why I chose it as my favorite for the collection!

Please help support this project by donating to this wonderful project. All information can be found here on Ivan’s post:

If you want to go straight to the donation page, please follow this link:

Let’s make a difference in 2013 because we want to and because we can!


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