Inspired Through Teachings & Readings

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. “ – Swami Sivananda

I have begun to change my thinking on my photography for 2013.  My goal is to not simply shoot things to shoot them, but to find purpose, understanding, and education from the things that I see.

Last year, especially with a 366 on my plate, I learned to use my camera, shoot manually and with only manual settings, and kept honing my eye for interesting compositions, but this year, I want to use the light as my instrument just as much as I use my camera to capture.

I want to be like a musician of the visual eye and tell my stories accordingly and with some sort of plan in each work.

To begin, this is a glass with rain-x and water sprayed on it and I have one mini-work light shining on it with a yellow plastic cup pulled over it to diffuse the light and give off the amber glow.  My camera was equipped with my 50mm macro and in post, I only removed some of the color saturation and applied a mild crop.

I hope you enjoy all my inspirations and may you all find what inspires you as well!


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