52-Week Self Portrait Project | 52/26

Move With Me

Sometimes, I feel the need to sway with the rhythm of life.  I feel the motion of the music of nature and the harmonies of the world around me.

This week has been a liberation.  I let go of the frustrations of haters hating and imitators imitating and liars lying to see the light at the end of it all.  The renewing warmth of my inner strength persevering to show the path I need to take.  Forgetting and self repair.

Let this week mark a new first for me too.  I built a ghetto snoot to take this shot and I am happy with the results.  Yes, monochromatic is my favorite medium with all the lighting techniques I have been experimenting with.  I feel it allows me to strip out the unnecessary and showcase what form I want to see.

I hope you like it, my friends!

This week, I explore #startingfresh and #monochromemakesmehappy .


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