Naked Truth

You can hate me but what do I care
Everything from the tattoo on my wrist
To the color of my hair
You created like a seed in the ground
You water me down with anorexic superheroes
And Prozac popping clowns

Sarah Hudson – Naked Truth
Naked Truth

I think I am dedicating this one to +Natosha Davis today, actually, I know I am….

You may ask why…well, I will tell you.  Natosha is always proud to let her face go “in the buff” and on most every single day of my life, I do too.  Honestly, my selfies are usually a mask or a performance in comparison to the normal, “everyday” me, which is usually just salting her posts with snark, reflection, and/or other randomness!

While I love to “put on the show” for the people who like and admire the process, I am seriously just a chick with sneaks, jeans, and glasses on with the occasional ThinkGeek tee goodness on!

So, Natosha, I give you my naked truth for #hnt   #halfnekkidthursday  (not quite what others do, but I was going for figurative today)!


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