Vintage: Shot Two

Antique lace and vintage glass beads.

This was my second vintage piece, which has a rich, personal history behind it.  In high school, I had the most amazing “hippy” art teacher from Soho and she used to encourage my kitschy style and flare for multimedia designs.  As a gift at the end of my sophomore year, she bestowed with me many swatches of antique lace and glass beads she used to use in her own creations.  It meant so much to me, that to this day, I still have one necklace from my final portfolio project left that I did not sell, and this is a macro representation of it.

The only real revision to this as opposed to the one shared in the hang-out was removing some of the darkness from the bokeh at the top of the image.  I didn’t remove it completely, but I did lessen it so the focus was on the subject.

It was kind of funny, but during the hang-out, I warned +Christina Lawrie that I went way of my normal reservation for my shots, i.e. no shots of eyes or myself.  I went into the super macro world (with macros and extension tubes), used my lighting, used different techniques, and vantage points to learn, make mistakes, and learn more!

For the +Photography+ Project January “Vintage” Theme, I give you “Dreams In Pure Clarity”.



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