In My Father’s Shoes

I decided to go a different route for +Blast From The Past this week.  I had been toying around with my father’s bronzed baby shoes for a separate project, but never liked any of the shots I took for it, so I scrapped the idea.

Last night, I was experimenting with my lights and his bronzed shoes again when I finally had an angle that spoke to me like a muse when I was shifting the lighting around.

My dad was born in 1944.  These, as any mom can tell, are definitely from a kid no older than 2.  This means that they are definitely well over 60 years old.  The picture that once sat in the frame is gone, but one of the things I have been considering was restoring one of his baby pictures and adding it back in.  Then, I will clean up the rest and return it to him.

I was thinking about doing it by Father’s day this year, too.


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