Replacing The Negative

On my ever growing bucket list, I am always happy to draw a few lines through things, and tonight is just such a night.  I found an old box in my closet of old film and slides from family during moves and such.  In this particular box, there were random images from 1964 and 65…

Setting up a rather bizarre box with one light and these slides, I was able to add my macro tubes to my 50mm lens and digitize these three worn cells.

One of the coolest things was the aging that gave it some real life once I brought them up in LR and PS!

I found myself enhancing it rather than trying to mask it!

Oldslide1-01312013 Oldslide2-01312013 Oldslide3-01312013

Enjoy them, and hopefully I can do more with a much more refined box because that killed my back even with a tripod!!! ♥

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