I Don’t Want To Be In The Shadows Only; I Want My Vision To Be Composed & Emotionally Provoking.

The last few weeks have been full, and I mean to the brim!  Birthdays, car accidents, school, work, training new people, being a mom and family person, being an artist creating things, and the list goes on!  I never want to do anything half-assed, and nearly left the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographersbecause I did not want to do anything less than my best and I did not feel my attention was being appropriately placed in the project.  After speaking to+Robin Griggs Wood I realized that my efforts are me creating at my best and that even if I was slightly behind, I should not beat myself up and quit.

That being said, I hunkered down and began doing my diligent work on the lessons for Week 9/10.  This was the lesson I was built for…

The concepts covered here are directly in line with a lot of the work I have been creating for 2013 because I have been creating with purpose and not merely “pointing and shooting” with my #canon .

A few revelations occurred to me over the last two weeks, and my camera and I have come to a consensus: We both love beautiful art and we want to work together to create it.

Another one came in the form of not working against my surroundings, but rather with them.  If an “assignment” called for “something”, instead of seeking the most amazing location and circumstance, I began to review the more immediate world around me to expose the shot I desired.

It is amazing how you can break your own habits, crutches and tendencies when you step into a whole new way of thinking.

Think about what you want to convey or inspire in the viewer, analyze your surroundings, and then make the art you know you can do! ♥

I know +Robin Griggs Wood is a fan of Richard Bach, and anyone who has read my “About” page knows I am too, so I leave you with something she said at the beginning of the lesson and what I felt was most important…

“Argue for your disabilities and you get to keep them.”

I don’t want to argue for them anymore, I want to kick them in the teeth and tackle more artistic creations and learn as much as my mind will absorb! =D

#GMAPP3auditing   #gmapp3   #AUD


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