52-Week Self Portrait Project | 52/33

Rock Me, Noir

This week I am straight-up on that creative horse again and going at a full gallop.  I had a chance to go on the most beautiful “spring ushering” nature walk on Friday, which got me pumped, and then I finally settled on my next reconstruction piece too.  All that stimulus had my muse on high alert for the tidal wave (tsunami, even) of imagination rushing in to feed the need to create my portraits for this and my other projects.

In my deconstruction, reconstruction, and absorption phases of the creative process, I get a chance to push myself farther and farther down the rabbithole  – never really sure if I have taken the red or blue pill first LOL – of my own expression and see/learn more and more about my personal style.

Each creation is like another page in my book of life and experience!

To keep pushing, I had an assignment/theme for the SSP (Selfy Sunday Project) this week, which was noir.  Noir is something I have dabbled with before, but I wanted to go beyond the standard noir of mystery and 40’s era style to blend a bit of the contemporary timeframe with some of the attitude and intrigue of noir.

I came up with a punk rock noir look with some of the classic elements of the noir genre.

This week, I explore #adifferentkindofnoir and #freeingthemuse.

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