52-Week Self Portrait Project | 52/35


“Respect for the fragility and importance of an individual life is still the mark of an educated man.” – Norman Cousins

I have learned something so very important today.  One year older and another year wiser, I suppose. 😉

This was going to be shared tomorrow, after my birthday, but now, I think it seems like the right time to share my thoughts and image for Week 35, so here it goes…

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking about life thus far, you know, because when a birthday rolls around, you take stock in what you have done, which has led you to the now.  In those thoughts, I was reminded of how beautiful a word or words can be.  How important each one of us is to the existence of humanity, even if we do not outwardly or consciously know it.  Life is fragile as are human emotions, but the kindest of words or tributes can brighten a day.

The sun may shine brighter, the flowers smell more fragrant, and life may seem more (to steal a word from +Jordan Oram) lifey.

When people are disrespectful to that notion – are cruel to others or say harsh things – they are, in essence, disregarding another person’s importance.

On a day like today, on my birthday, I am reminded that I am getting back what I pay forward to the people I meet.  That is the most special gift of all!

While I may be strong, my strength lies in the fact that I have accepted my own and others fragility, and embraced that it is where the core of strength and humanity reside.

For a birthday installment of #womenwednesday +Women Wednesday by +Niki Aguirre +Athena Carey +Lee Daniels +Christina Lawrie +Teresa Stover

#womenofacertainage +Women of a Certain Age +Janice La Mere Hackney+Elizabeth Lund

This week, I explore #fragility and #lifeislifey .

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