52-Week Self Portrait Project | 52/40

Life Isn’t Always Beautiful

Sometimes, I don’t really want to be known as the chick who does self-portraits that are always glamorous or beautiful.  I think it is equally as important to send a message and raise awareness for things.

Social media can be fun and exciting; a place to share lovely images of exotic places and gorgeous sunsets, but it can also be a way to share thoughts, experiences, and things that we feel are important.

While traveling this year, I felt drawn to the homelessness of the places I was at; it became quite real as I walked the streets of Chicago, and my heart sunk after each person I passed and each sign I read.

It became my goal to do a series of images that did not look at beauty; however, look at the realness of the world around us and hopefully raise awareness on issues that we often try to forget.

I hope this gives you pause, even if it is just for a moment.

This week, I explore #theheartofbeing#lifeisntalwaysbeautiful and#stophomelessness.


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