When Being Plain Stands Out

While on a bit of a nature walk, which is incredibly common, once the cold weather passed, I hopped of the usual trails to lay stomach first in the dirt to get this image.

Again, there is a little in-camera texture from the use of my  #lensbaby  and the optic plates, but once I brought it home, touched it up a little in LR, I brought it over to PS to enhance the textures, used some layers, filters, masks, and adjustments to produce this final image.

Oddly, the one part that stands out the most is the one thing I did not edit in the slightest – the flower!

+Photography+ Project  #photographypls   #lensbabycomposerpro  #bokehtuesday   #bokehphotography  +Bokeh Images +Texture Blend Photography  #textureblendphotography  +Gemma Costa

+Daily Depth Of Field #dailydepthoffield by +Vince Ong +Nuraini Ghaifullah+Virgil Cowen and +f.a. fiebig


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