52-Week Self Portrait Project | 52/41

Chasing Breezes

Last week, I spoke to and visually illustrated hard times and unfortunate circumstances in the form of homelessness, but this week, it literally felt like my house turned against me, which is irrational and illogical, and yet I still felt that way as the house reached an obscenely sticky 85 degrees on Friday night.

When Saturday rolled around, we began to deal. I think that is one of them most beautiful things you can watch people do, too. When the chips seem down and the cards aren’t in your favor, we learn to adapt and just “deal” with whatever is in our way.

Amazing and terrifying creatures – I think that is what makes life so interesting. Just when you think there is nothing but horror and atrocity to this world, you see the resiliency and strength in people, which makes life worth a genuine smile.

That being said, yesterday was full of plugging holes to keep the ship afloat. First, we got out the fans and opened up the windows – even Mother Nature seemed to cheer us on with lovely breezes. Then, we made sure to enjoy the day outside in the loverly weather with some pool and chilly beer.

This morning, we ran to the store and got the supplies we needed, and fantastically, the A/C is back on and running like a dream.

All in all, if we let things get us down, then we have no one to blame but ourselves for letting things get to us. We have ability to shape the world we live in by adjusting our attitudes. I am not saying we will always be this way at the start of any negative situation, but if we continue to adapt in a positive manner and never stop chasing those breezes, we ultimately have the ability to make our lives a happier and healthier place.

This week, I explore #chasingbreezes and #livelifehappily .

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