52-Week Self Portrait Project | 52/43


“I have looked into your eyes with my eyes. I have put my heart near your heart.” – Pope John XXIII 

This week, I began to realize that I have 9 weeks left for this self-portraiture endeavor and I am pretty stoked to have another personal achievement under my belt.  All-in-all, this project has really taught me about the importance of lighting in portraiture, and I hope to only improve in the months and  years ahead.

From strobes to flashes to reflectors to diffusers, each has an important role to play in my toolbox and I anticipate this will to change anytime soon.

So, I give you an image with lighting and eyes full of wonderment as I look on to infinite possibilities…

This week, I explore being #beingintheglow .

+GPLUS::P52::2012 +Project 52  #52project    #52weeks2012 #52weekproject    #52weeks    #52project2013      #52selfs     #52selfies


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