Not Another 52 Project?!?!?!

A 52 Week Project | Monochromatic/Achromatic/Color Portraiture

Week 20: Good Things Come In Shiny Boxes

Another week, another staged portrait shot composed through the use of a snoot strobe and the new #canon 60D.

This week, I could not wait for my new baby, the 60D, to show up at my front door and I was not disappointed when it did!  I have been looking at all the different reviews on a couple different models from Canon, but for what I was looking for and in my budget, the 60D was the winner.

I had this plan to use it for my projects this week, and it got here just in the nick of time.  This idea hit me when I was considering what to do for my +Project 52 B&W theme of Framed.  I figured since it would end up being a self portrait, I should set it up right in my little portable studio and make it a session for this 52-Project as well.

I think this is aptly titled since the 60D came in a shiny box and my  little finger frame has this happy girl ready to pounce from its box too!

So, without further ado, here is my shot for Week 20 of this portraiture project!

The rules I have laid out are simple – 1) these portraits can be of myself or another model, but cannot be the same image as my other project; 2) There must be a lighting element – whether my studio lights or a consciously planned shoot using natural lighting from the golden hour, etc. The key being consciously planned – no “on a whim”, point the camera at someone and call it complete. These will be portraits per the definition:



1. A painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person.
2. A representation or impression of someone or something in language or on film.

picture – likeness – portraiture – portrayal – effigy

My goal is to expand my portraiture abilities and processing as well as direction I give others while also working on my creative muscles and my own personal style, which I believe to be shooting what I like to see!

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#selfportraiture  #selfportrait


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