Trust In ME as I Trust In YOU

Trust is one of those interesting things.

It has similar principles and properties to faith, but it should be easier, shouldn’t it?  We all know trust can be there and we know it exists – it is quantifiable and can be measured and has value.  Why, if we all want to trust and be trusted, do we make it so difficult to do?  Betray each other’s confidences over silly or stupid things, or just because we think we know better or can get away with it.

I can admit that I’ve had my trust stepped on a few times in my life, but I am always willing to have another go at it.  Maybe not with the same people because once you lose my trust, it is certainly not something easily recaptured, but I do not shy away from trusting again (as I have in the past) because all that causes is loneliness for me, and my rationale is, “why should I be punished for others twatty douchebaggery?” – the simple answer is that I won’t fall into that rut.

Well, enough about that.  I said what was on my mind, and that was my intent.  Now, on to the image…

This was a shot I created for a project that I never had a chance to share.  I decided to share it anyway at this point because why should I keep it to myself when I created it to be shared in the first place?


So, I give you my image titled Trust Issues.

Have a happy Friday, my friends! ♥


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