Would You MOOC?

Nine times out of ten, I am going to post something photography or art related on social media because that is what I am known for, but today I was listening to Dan Pink talk about motivations or more specifically what motivates people.

It comes down to Autonomy, Mastery, and Contribution.

We want to work freely, become masterful at things, and then we want to share and contribute to a greater goal.

This makes complete sense if you look at most of us who use social media as a tool for learning, growing and exploring.  We pick a passion – be it art, music, applied mathematics, video games, or general tech/innovations.

I have a full time job in education, but my passion and one day dream, is to be able to switch from full time in education to full time artist with a consulting gig in education.  I wouldn’t even mind a healthy blend of educational innovation mixed with the creativity that goes along with artistry.

In my efforts to be able to make that huge shift, I have gone back to school…again…and it takes up a good deal of my time outside of the full time job.  That being said, I had a chance, recently, to see my education work meld with my post-work art life when I began doing research on the projections for the future in education and I happened upon more reports and data on MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), which are free and turning the education world on its ear.

If you do not know what a MOOC is, read here:


This started with Stanford, and now you can take courses from Harvard, MIT, Penn State and so many others by way of Coursera, edX, Udemy, and Udacity.  Many of which are free and open to anyone willing/wanting to learn.  There are some “pay for” classes, some that have signature tracks that cost money, but there is a huge number of courses that are free and you receive a certificate from the instructor for passing, which can be added to your resume or portfolio, and who knows, maybe one day it will be accepted by many colleges as course credit that may be transferred in and save you money towards a degree.

Of a personal interest, and one that I thought might be something that my artsy/photog friends might be interested comes from Udemy, which offers some “pay” and some free art classes:


Even if it is just for a little professional growth and development or to help you kickstart a new profession or something you are passionate about (there are even Entrepreneurial courses available), I really would encourage you to take a peek at what they all have to offer.  In addition, some of these platforms allow you to create courses so you can share/contribute to the world!






(I do not work for or endorse MOOC education over formal training, but I am enrolled in a few beyond my college courses to further enhance my own knowledge base)


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