52-Week Self Portrait Project | 52/46

My Secret Garden

I think we all have a place we go to, whether physical or emotional, that is our safe haven.  A place where whatever we have going on can’t touch.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a place you go to in order to escape bad things, stressful things or cumbersome predicaments; it can also be a place to go to recharge, rejuvenate, and renew yourself and your well-being.

That special place is in my arts – it is in what I can craft with my hands, head and heart.  It is my secret garden.

For Week 46 out of 52 (holy shiz! Only 6 more weeks!), I merged a few of my favorite elements – eyes, catchlights and an achromatic color scale, and I explore being in  #aplaceofinfinitepossibilities and#mysecretgarden.

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