52-Week Self Portrait Project | 52/47

A Sketcher Darkly

So, as I head down the home stretch of this project, heck yeah, I want to experiment a bit more and I want to break away from some of the norms to include a lot of things I am learning in school and also things I read about in my MOOC and other web-related studies.  In thinking about the term I am almost through with, it became clear that mobile technologies are really going to begin evolving a lot of things including journalism, filmmaking, art (in general), and even photography (more specifically).

Recently, Searching For Sugarman made big waves for winning an Oscar and it was filmed partially with an iPhone, and there are some amazing shorts winning all sorts of awards; The Fixer is just one example (http://vimeo.com/28158958).

Not to get off topic, but I just wanted to share some of the things I have been witness to and studying, and it was partially an influence to experiment with design on a “mobile” scale this week.

I am sure you have all heard debates about whether phone images should be art or if they are just a product of the “Instagram” generation.  This piece (and post) is not really about that either.  It is about conceptualizing an idea, shooting it, processing it, and creating a finished product.  my challenge to myself was to create it with only the phone and have it be fun, creative and artistic (aka not necessarily ‘photographic’ in the final result either).

So, for Week 47 out of 52 (on the final stretch now), I decided to let some of my creativity for digital designing and also designing and conceptualizing on a budget influence this week’s work; my focus was on#notanotherdslrportraitplease and#iphoneographycanbeart .


#cameraawesome   #snapseed   #tangledfx  #luminance

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