Rock The Shot

Here is a quick (less than 30 second) video on how I was able to create the +Selfy Sunday Project image for this session.

There was no official theme or sub-theme for the week, so I went with a lighting portrait in an achromatic scale.  There were three lights total – a snoot at my back, a strobe with an umbrella, and a strobe with a silver reflector.

My goal is to start sharing the process – whether it is just the make-up (or pre-shot stuff), or the process (post work flow) for some of these portraits I am putting together – as I wind down my official 52 self portraiture project, I find this chronology for my work in the way of tuts and videos to be helpful in ingraining the work into my memory and I also hope it will help all of you out there too!


There is still time to add a selfy of your own at:

Or feel free to just look at all the amazing work from all the participants! ♥

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