52-Week Self Portrait Project | 52/50

My Timed Exposure With Nature

Today was one of those days that started out with a series of moderate frustrations, from forgetting my camera battery to not being real sure that we could get to our locations due to weather and road conditions, but just like life, you end up with choices and decisions to make it work.

In this particular case, we made it to the location, and I was able to use a timed exposure app to recreate what I had planned, which brought me almost as much joy as being in the loverly nature that surrounded me!

Nothing brings me peace like the lush greenery, and life in the woods and mountains!

For Week 50 out of 52 (less than a month – 2 more shots), here is the image created with my #iphone using long exposure and time delay apps to create a moment in time that encompasses my time#communingwithnature while on vacation.

#portraittuesday +PortraitTuesday  with +Laura Balc  and +Tana Teel 

#52project #52weeks2012 #52weekproject #52weeks#52project2013 #52selfs #52selfies

6 second exposure composed of 5 individual frames

(Not sure how this initial posting disappeared, but this is a reshare of the image from last week)

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