Reconstructing Double Exposures

Over the past two weeks, I have been studying double exposures and the artists that create them (In and out of the camera).  I have studied the classic works of Jerry Uelsmann (who I have adored for years and even have print in my office at work), as well as Dan Mountford, Florian Imgrund, Sarah K. Byrne, and so many others that attempt double exposure via film, dslr, or through the magic of Photoshop layering.

For this week’s Selfy Sunday Project, we were tasked with the theme of “headshots” and with how much I love taking close-up portraits, I felt this would be a great time for me to try something new to go along with a headshot.

Since my camera is not one of the dslrs that has a built-in multiple exposure setting, I had to create mine in PS, which presented a few challenges, but after researching, referencing, and watching/reading as many tuts as possible, I created the image seen below.

I created a dark and light background version, but the light really had the elements I wanted so it became my top choice.

If you have not had a chance to go look at all the great shots by all the talented photographers sharing their “selfies”, I highly recommend you take a peek, and it is not too late to join in yourself!

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