Trying To Claw With Tooth And Nail

“You think your poison talons
Can work their devious way back to me?
You think those false tears you spilled had more weight than
The genuine tears shed by my eyes?

Keep clawing, scratching, razing at my worth
Play the victim, be steel in that resolve.
For that is the only triumph you will have
When it comes to breaking me at my core.

Once I whispered a certain truth to your ear.
“Silence is not just a virtue; it is a strength of the soul.”
You hold your contempt like a cornerstone
Hopeful that it will keep you safe in the dark.

Down in those darkened depths
The place you reside when all your loathing rises.
The place you try with tooth and nail to claw out of;
Never succeeding in permanence.

You cannot drag me down in your sorrow,
You cannot lie to your spirit forever.
You know of your burns and your devilish deeds,
They are always your undoing.

Truth is truth.
Lie is lie.
Willing mistakes and hatred does not make it truth,
It only stains your conscience with lies.

Lies in truth’s clothing will always be lies.

a poem and image by Shantha Marie Fountain* | ©2013

I struggled with this share since I had written this poem in January and finished it off in February; however, I never had an image that did it justice until today when I was going through some of my cards from my vacation.

Finally, so many months after writing it, I can finally share the words with you all.  It has no relevance to my mood at present date, but it does feel nice to let it out into the world, those feelings I did have then. =)


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