52-Week Self Portrait Project | 52/52


I’m only human
I’ve got a skeleton in me
But I’m not the villain
Despite what you’re always preaching
Call me a traitor
I’m just collecting your victims
And they’re getting stronger

Paramore: Monster [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Well, hot damn, I knew that this week was the 52nd week in my 52-Week Self-Portrait Project and it had to make a mark in my mind as to why I do what I do…

First, I started out with a song in my head – Monster by Paramore. It had been playing in my head all week, and so I knew I had to find some way to make music a part of this final piece since music is a big source on musery for my creativity. Next, I found a part of the lyrics that hit me, and so I did (see above).

Once I had that in mind, I knew I wanted to do skull paint, so I referenced and researched from top to bottom all over the interwebz. I finally found something that rocked my core as powerful and then began working on a lighting scheme that would work for me and my gear.

After about 2 hours of painting and waiting, I had time for the shot while there was a thunderstorm overhead. It added a wonderful ambiance to the scene. I did this in three sets. I moved my flash around and reflector so that I could get the catchlights to fall in a particular way. Once, that was done, it was time to process.

With face paints, I really find that too much post can ruin it, so I took a less is more approach and cleaned up the eye and the levels only and then converted it to achromatic scale (B&W).

That being said…

For Week 52 out of 52 (That’s right, I am done bitches! WooHoo!!), here is the image created with my 3 light set-up of Beauty Dish, mini-spot, and Softbox for a lyrically inspired treat, and while this may end my self-portraiture project formally, I will continue to study, learn, practice, research, reference and reconstruct as always, just not in such a structured way (right now)!

Again, yippee to two projects in the success bucket (366 and 52)! ♥

I feel like such a winner, winning with all sorts of win! I bet you can’t tell how stoked I am!?!?! Enjoy!

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#lyricallyinspired with +Jason Jakober +Amanda Recker and +Tara Romasanta


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