Reality Lies Beyond Your Own Looking Pool

We each see the world in a way like no other.
Our eyes gaze upon the wonders;
many splendors,
that are unique to our souls.
We listen to the sounds, a cacophony to the nautilus
living in our heads.
What may be sweet melody to one,
is inharmonious discord to another.
Each a unique individual with commonalities
built through weathering life’s experiences.

Perception is the key to the individualistic nature.
A reality seen through the looking pool;
a slice of life so real to the beholder.
An augmented and distorted reality,
seen by friend and foe.
To perceive is to believe,
in thoughts and senses you recognize as truth.
To see is to have faith,
in the thoughts and senses that others bestow upon you.

Take heed, life and reality are a balance,
a balance in perception, sight and truth.
Look into the pool of yourself;
look for the truth in the hearts of others.

+Tree Tuesday  #treetuesday  woth +Christina Lawrie +Shannon S. Myers +Ralph Mendoza and +Kim Troutman


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