When I Feel Like Me

There are times when I feel out of sorts and out of sync with the things going on around me.  Whether it is work related, school related or to personal matters, I just feel like I want to recede to a place to collect my thoughts.

In these moments, I find myself reaching for my camera to find something to capture or create.  The difference, for me, between going out and finding something to shoot and working on portraiture is one feels more like discovery and the latter feels like creation.

As a mom, the power of creation can feel like a powerful and nearly spiritual thing.

So, when I want to feel like myself, I begin to create works in self-portraiture.  It is a place where I can be and feel like me.

Now, I share this piece of myself with all of you.


#womenofacertainage +Women of a Certain Age +Janice La Mere Hackney +Elizabeth Lund #womenwednesday  with +Niki Aguirre and+Scott Detweiler


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