An Unconventional Pair

For this very special (to me) #moviemashuptuesday, I dedicate my offering of mashy mash goodness to my 4 year anniversary.  That’s right.  Someone who has been able to tolerate me for 4 years; quite a feat, let me tell you!

We are sort of an unconventional pairing, not unlike Bones and Booth, but I think it is why we work out despite as many hurdles we have overcome.  Interestingly enough, our tale begins back in early 2004 when we first crossed paths.  We met through a mutual friend (or set of friends) while playing an MMORPG.  At the time, he was such a little pain, I couldn’t stand him.  A few months later, we crossed again through a different set of friends, and somehow we hit it off.  We talked for hours and hours.  Later, we would spend more time just hanging out as friends because I was coming off of a divorce and he was just getting started with his life.  In the midst of our friendship building, going on zany “in-game adventures” and such, we both went in different directions.  He met a girl and I met a boy, and it seemed our story was at an end.

A few years later, in late 2008 or early 2009, within that same game, we both happened upon each other again.  We shared our war stories and battle scars, and through a new friendship, we began to heal together.

As our friendship began to blossom into something more, we kept everything much unaddressed – no labels, no commitments; just in the here and now.  After knowing someone for nearly 5 years (at that point), we had never met in-person.  It may seem weird to some, but to be honest, it seemed more real to have countless video conversations with someone hundreds of miles away than to be lied to from across a restaurant table in the same town by someone you just met.  I think the important thing was that neither of us had anything to hide or be ashamed of, but I digress.

On August 6, 2009, we finally planned a meeting.  I was going to fly out to see him because I was breaking that comfort zone barrier and making the next move.  We nervously met in the airport and made our way back to his house and had a fantastic time getting to know each other and doing what normal couples take for granted like going out to eat, nature hikes, and such (what were you thinking, you dirty birds LOL).

Not long after that, we decided that we really should decide if we were going to be a “couple” or not; so, we decided we would be.  Unfortunately, in our position, what do you count as the moment when you began dating someone? Well, we decided to look at the most monumental turning point in our relationship to be that time, which happened to be the day of our first meeting in real life.

We have known each other for nearly 10 years now, and after many trials, 2 long years of spending less than a month a year together, and now nearly 2 years under the same roof, we celebrate 4 years of officially being together.

Thank you so much +Robert Hacker  for being my favorite ninja and always being my friend.  Without our friendship, our love would never have grown into what we have and life would be less colorful and certainly way too conventional for my tastes! ♥

Love you!


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