The Beauty of Life Is That We Don’t Have To Focus On What We Have Left Behind

I have a mantra that I say when I feel like I am pushed to the brink of losing my cool:

“We are all capable of forgiveness and we do it for us – not for others who may have wronged us or been the point of ill will.  Forgiveness isn’t always easy, however. The road to permanent forgiveness is a work in progress, which is quite often under heavy construction.”

When I look at this image, I am reminded that we don’t always have to focus on the background or the things behind us.  Looking at all the possibilities of the foreground and future prosperity in life can also help to remind us that a moment of zen can happen by forgiving people even if they cannot admit to things or even seek forgiveness in the parts they play in life’s chapters.

In the end, knowing you did all you could and understanding that your way was the one that can made you at peace when the sun sets is all that matters.  The only hurt that is left to be had is by those who cannot forgive, and I have come to realize that I am a person who believes there is more value in peace and love than exhausting one’s self with hate.

May this serve as a reminder to us all of that. =)


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