If I Am Not Here, Am I Still Here – Am I Still Real?

“Existence is no more than the precarious attainment of relevance in an intensely mobile flux of past, present, and future.” – Susan Sontag

With all the recent stuff I have read about the the stream being broken and people not feeling that Google Plus was feeling communal, I started to think about life before “The Plus”.  Back then, I would have made a picture or piece of art and placed it in some closet or portfolio to collect dust until I pulled it out once again to look fondly on something I created.  I would have felt no drive to truly create something to present to an audience even though I was trained in school to do just that.

I think, like many others might feel, G+ has allowed us to feel like we are valid in our arts and relevant to each other.  When that is gone, it seems a bit lonely.  Not that really real life doesn’t provide its own comforts and challenges, but there is something about being able to express yourself in a way that only art can that is quite liberating to one’s inner self.

Even with some of the trials and tribulations I have had recently, with trying to forgive someone who doesn’t want to truly bury the hatchet and finding out some friends are not as friendly as I thought, I still love to make art for myself, for my friends, for my personal evolution and catharsis and yes, even my audience.

Without many of the encouraging people and mentors who have helped nudge my self-confidence, learning and knowledge base to a place I never imagined it would go; this most recent portrait is for you.

Thank you (and I am sure you know who you are)!

For +PortraitTuesday  #portraittuesday  with +Laura Balc and +Tana Teel

+Texture Blend Photography #textureblendphotography   #textureblendtuesday with +Gemma Costa

#portraiturephotography   #portraitphotography  #textures   #amihere


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