Salvaging the Shotty | Let’s Get Creative, Mobile!
While I was working on getting creative mobile last week, I found that I had about 20-30 random cell phone shots that I was going to trash, but then I remembered this little project that I was working on to#salvagetheshotty  , so I began to rack my brains for something to do.  It then occurred to me that I had recently watched a video from NAPP about creating a“Two-Face Portrait” and wanted to give it a try.  The point of the image is to have the outline show a profile of the model, while the image is that of the model facing the camera.  Since I had each of these shots, I gave it a go.

The Logic
Since I have so many un-tossed and unprocessed “shotty” self portraits and out-takes, I am going to periodically experiment with them and try to “salvage” them into acceptable pieces of art.

Some will stay more photographic in nature, some will become composited, and others will hit on a more fine art feel.

The Process
For this one, I started out 2 cell phone images – 1 profile and 1 facing camera.  I had already processed them in-cell, so I opened the two files in PS to line them up and create the effect.  Once the effect was created, I decided to duplicate the layer and place a color version on the white side of the work-space, and create an achromatic version on the black because I wasn’t sure what would look better.  Initially, I was only going to use the one version, but since it was already a fairly surreal style, I decided to leave them both, but make it a little asymmetrical for added surrealism.

All-in-all, it was kind of fun to work on something that was not traditionally from my “camera” or something that really had nothing to do with creating an amazing shot with my photography, and turn it into something I would share in my stream! ♥


#salvagingtheshotty     #photoshop     #layers    #letsgetcreative   #selfportraiture


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