Not Another 52 Project?!?!?!

A 52 Week Project | Monochromatic/Achromatic/Color Portraiture

Week 43: Came Back Haunted

{Everywhere now reminding me
I am not who I used to be}

― NIN ― Nine Inch Nails – Came Back Haunted

So, for this week, I was driving back from a doctor’s appointment and heard this song.  Once I starting singing it, this idea popped into my head.  A pure crazy, delirious sociopathic character was the only thing that would do for it, too.

Two of my favorite ladies that came to mind were Harley Quinn and Pris from Bladerunner so they became my make-up inspiration.

This had a single flash set-up with a reflector to knock out some of the shadowing from below.  Overall, it was pretty simple since I am still not tip top and trying to get everything ready before Wednesday.

So, without further ado, here is my submission for Week 43 of this project.

The rules I have laid out are simple – 1) these portraits can be of myself or another model, but cannot be the same image as my other project; 2) There must be a lighting element – whether my studio lights or a consciously planned shoot using natural lighting from the golden hour, etc. The key being consciously planned – no “on a whim”, point the camera at someone and call it complete. These will be portraits per the definition:



1. A painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person.
2. A representation or impression of someone or something in language or on film.

picture – likeness – portraiture – portrayal – effigy

My goal is to expand my portraiture abilities and processing as well as direction I give others while also working on my creative muscles and my own personal style, which I believe to be shooting what I like to see!


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