Project 52 B&W 
Week 45: Games 
#P52BW13 | +Project 52 B&W   
Curated by +Tisha Craw , +Susan Porter , & +Lauri Novak   

“Life is not a game full of players, it is human beings trying to get through what is most certainly our greatest adventure.” – Shantha Marie Fountain 

I actually thought a lot about how I could portray games and I was left thinking about someone I know who believes life is about playing games with people’s lives and reveling in treating humans as pawns.  I truly pity someone who cannot see life for what it is; the miracle we have in the universe that we make our own. 

I don’t think I will ever regret meeting this person since they have allowed me to explore different parts of myself as well as just how diverse the world can be.  I have learned more about my own intuition, my strength, and my character, most of all.  I don’t even think I regret the way things turned out either.  Everything that happens, the experience we go through, can all be lessons if we look at them appropriately. 

Enjoy your adventure to the fullest, my friends!


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