School Work – Week 8 | Term 5

Book Cover Project: Rough Draft

This is a series I started just over a year ago where I am going to chronicle my schoolwork from start to graduation.

This way, I can see my growth and I can share that knowledge and growth with all of you.

For this assignment, as part of a much larger final project, in my Typography course, I was charged with creating a book cover as an alternate assignment to a book ad, which I gladly appreciated since the ad was kind of lame (no images or anything).

It has not been graded yet, and normally I don’t share the final drafts until they are graded, but +Measie Elizabeth said she would read a book with this image on the cover, so I thought I might oblige her with this instead!



(color off for the web due to CMYK for print)

#projectlearningexperience  #learnandgrowseries#bookcoverdesign

(On a side note, even the publishing company is fictional.  I tried to make it as authentic looking as possible)

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