2013’s Top Photography Life Lesson

So, +Levi Moore thought of this idea to share something you learned photographically this year rather than a simple group of top shots or countdown.  I like this idea a lot and thought I would contribute with my own set of things (a lot more than one) since I believe I grew a lot this year.

The most important thing I learned, since my focus was primarily portraiture and achromatic shots was above all else, learn to control your lighting.  Whether it is natural, monolighting, or flash, learn the angles of incidence, reflections, refractions, specular highlights, and how to modify it, and you will know how to capture a beautiful shot.

In addition to this, do not be afraid to conceptualize and add artistic flair to your images.  Sell a story, make the shot interesting and even choose a theme.  Some of my most creative selfys were the ones that pushed my limits and some of the easiest captures to get where the ones I had the most fun doing (Even when it took hours of hair and make-up).

Do not fear research, referencing and reconstructing to hone your skills.  It is not plagiarism to mimic a lighting set-up or pose; artists and photographers do it all the time.

Be true to what you want to create and build your style.  Whether a portraiture photographer or someone in love with being one with nature, own your artistic abilities and continue to grow them.  You know what you like to see and how you want to see it so do that!

Challenge yourself!  Go past your comfort zone and you will be rewarded greatly.

Remember that post processing can be your friend.  There are no hard and fast rules to artistic portraiture and photography.  Learning to use a photo editing software does not make you a bad photographer, it makes you a better equipped artist!

Never stop learning or trying to educate yourself!  Feed the muse (right, +Robin Griggs Wood ?)….

And, last but not least…

Do what makes you happy!


To see the original post, click through tohttps://plus.google.com/u/0/+LeviMoore/posts/NQFisPK1qwj


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