Her Yard

This week, I found an interesting documentary about pitbulls on Netflix called Beyond The Myth(http://www.beyondthemythmovie.com/) and my daughter and I watched it.  We are owners of such a “mixed breed” and it always makes me chuckle when people seem frightened of such a sweet baby.  This kid throws cheesy smiles like it is nobody’s business, and her yard is full of nothing but playful fun!

While watching, they brought up the myth of “locking jaws”, which is such a silly thing.  There are no such things a locking jaws unless you are referring to coming down with tetanus heehee.  In addition, a “pitbull” doesn’t even have the strongest bite force in the doggy species (the Doberman, German Shepard, Rottweiler, Mastif) according to National Geographic.  However, what floored me the most was when my daughter said that the reason someone didn’t like our dog was because she has a locking jaw.  I carefully explained to her that she can disprove the fallacy with proof.

But this got me thinking…

First, please don’t talk about members of anyone’s family (yes, my pups are part of my family) without knowing them.  This is a good rule of thumb for anyone in regards to any person or pet.

Next, unless you conducted experiments yourself, work in the field of study, or research scholarly (reputable) articles, then do not presume to judge any breed or creed.  Again, this should be the same for people and pets.

Finally, seriously, look at the smiling face….

This is not the face of an angry or scared dog.  She has been rescued and raised through love, respect and caring.  About the only thing she will do is maul you with affection and kisses. ♥

(I also encourage anyone who has Netflix to try to watch the movie; it is well worth it, but a little heartbreaking at times)

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Slightly late for #FidoFriday (+Fido Friday) curated by+mel peifer, +Lisa Lisa, +Suhaib Ayaz, and +Wes Lum.

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