I Do Not Do Candid Shots
So, yesterday our families collided for a most awesomesauce beach day…

That is right, the beach had to try to contain +Rachel Tine and +Shantha Marie Fountain (with family) for most of the afternoon.  It tried to thwart our efforts with nearly an hour long traffic filled journey out there, but once we hit that beach, the fun began.

We enjoyed great conversation and dueling #canons  and it was amazeballs.  The kids just adored each other and had a blast as well.

The beach was so sad to see us leave, it tried to keep us there with nearly an hour long sit (again) to get off the island!

After all the island shenanigans we found ourselves at Cheeseburger In Paradise enjoying more great stories, laughs (oh god were there laughs), and tasty foodies!

At the end of the night, we realized it had been too short, but plans are in the works for a longer visit next time (because there will be a next time)!

I mean, really, turkey vs. monkey calls has only just begun!

♥ ya girly, and I hope you completely approve of this one! xoxo


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